Increase sales for your small business!

Do You Want to Start A small BusinessWebsite Without All The Hassle?

Let us handle the technical setup stuff.

You focus on creating content to rank on Google.

Then, you either 1) sell online or 2) send people to your brick-and-mortar store!

Small Business Website Design Services

16 steps that we do for you…

…So you can focus on your small business.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  1. Set up web hosting.
  2. Set up domain and point to server.
  3. Set up SSL certificate.
  4. Set up Web Application Firewall.
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Install Kadence Theme
  7. Install Essential Plugins.
  8. Set up Cloudflare caching.
  9. Set up Object Cache / Image Compression.
  10. Set up Google Analytics Account.
  11. Set up Google Search Console Account.
  12. Install Premium SEO tools and checklists to help you rank on Google.
  13. Install Premium MonsterInsights so you know which pages are working well.
  14. Set up auto-updates
  15. Optimize permalinks for SEO.
  16. Install URL shortening service to futureproof your TPT product links.


  • Set up temporary home page so you can go live right away!
  • Install WordPress training videos so you get contextual help as you need it.

Welcome To

Your Go-To Solution For Small Business Website Design Services

The Problem:

Starting a Small Business Website can feel overwhelming!

You know if you got online, you could attract more customers and make more money.

But there are so many options, it’s a little overwhelming!

From buying a domain to setting up a website, there’s so much technical work to be done.

That’s where we come in!

Our SOLOpreneur Website Design Services are designed to take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you’re good at: running your small business!

Our Solution

We’re like your techie friend who is going to Help you get started!

We offer a simple solution that takes care of starting your small business website.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

Handle the Technical Stuff

We’ll take care of buying the domain, choosing a web host, and setting up your domain to ensure a seamless experience.

AI-Generated Landing Page

During the free discovery meeting, we’ll learn about your business. Then, we’ll use cutting-edge AI technology to generate a captivating landing page for your website.

Customized Setup

We’ll install one theme, create a custom landing page, and set up one sample website page promoting your product, giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

Empower You to Succeed

While our services give you a head start, you still need to do the work.

However, with our head start, you’ll have an unfair advantage in managing and growing your online presence.

Advanced SEO Tools to help you write content that ranks on Google

Gain access to a comprehensive suite of premium SEO tools to ensure your small business website is optimized for search engines and attracts people looking for your services (i.e. organic traffic.)

Integrated Analytics Dashboard to help you make data-driven decisions

Google Analytics can be overwhelming, but with our solution, you’ll have access to an easy-to-use Analytics Dashboard right within your small business website.

our Priority

Helping you figure out what you actually need to grow your Small business online!

And not what you think you want because you see other small business SOLOpreneurs doing it!

TPT Seller Website Analytics from within WordPress dashboard
Years using WordPress

Why should I use WordPress for my Small Business website?

WordPress software powers nearly 43% of the internet.


43% of the Internet Uses WordPress.

Shopify is a distant second, powering 4.4% of the internet, followed by Wix (1.9%) and Squarespace (1.8%)


WordPress Has a strong open-source community

so there are lots of freelancers and companies building add-on features (i.e. plugins.) If you use a privately owned website builder like Wix, you have to wait for Wix to add new features or fix problems.


Using WordPress means building on your own land.

You don’t own your followers or content on Facebook, Squarespace, or YouTube. At any point, they can shut down your account. When you run your small business website using WordPress, even if your web hosting company closes your account, you just set up your website on a different WordPress webhosting company.

Mike Fuchigami

If your customers use the internet, then you want to build on your own land
(i.e. a website with your own domain.)

Increase your Small Business Earnings

Why should I start a Small Business website?

There are millions of products.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

  • By being so good, they can’t ignore you.
  • Become an Expert Authority in your niche.
  • This builds Trust.
  • Trust leads to sales.

Your website is the center of your online empire. All roads lead to your website, and your website either has an e-commerce site or you send people to your physical location.

PS. Google looks for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness to determine where your web page will show up in their search engine results pages.

Starting a Small Business Website FAQ’s

What You Need To Know About website design services

We’re just getting started!

Just like you 🙂

Choose how many pages you would like to have designed for you.

The one-time design fee only covers the cost of setting up your small business website.

You have to pay for web hosting on SEOT hosting separately.

For a limited time, you can get a “lifetime FREE domain” when you are on an active annual SEOT hosting plan.

The website design service is only offered for clients on an Annual SEOT Hosting web hosting plan.

I developed SEOT Hosting to offer a server powerful enough to meet what my clients need. (As opposed to selling Shared Hosting where your website shares computer resources with a hundred other sites.)

The number of thirty-minute revision coaching sessions you get depends on the design plan.

The goal of the SOLOpreneur.VIP service is to get your site started and “good enough” to launch. The goal is NOT to waste time making the site “perfect”

Why? Because the faster your site is up and the quicker you start creating online content, the faster you can learn from mistakes and start driving sales traffic to your online store or your physical location.

Spending ten hours making the site look perfect won’t lead to sales. Spending ten hours creating content that ranks on Google and appeals to your niche audience is a better use of your time.

The one time design fee covers only the set up of your small business website.

If you need help with using WordPress or maintaining your site (i.e. how do I update this plugin, how do I make the font bigger,) please email SEOT Hosting Support.

If you need help with content (i.e. how do I optimize my content, what keywords should I go after), please sign up for coaching with Mike.

Think of it this way. When you buy a car, you’re not expecting the dealership to be a chauffeur and drive you around everywhere, fill up your tank, maintain the car, and teach you how to drive.

The hardest part with starting a small business website on WordPress is getting set up. The one-time design fee is to help you overcome the hurdle and give you the keys to a shiny new little car. Now, you have to learn how to drive.

Wait. Is this a horrible metaphor? Learn how to drive on your own? That’s crazy.

Contact Mike for coaching.

SOLOpreneur VIP website starter Design Services

The hardest part is starting. Take the first step.

(Well, actually, we do the first 16 steps so you don’t have to!)


One Time Design Fee


  • All 16 setup steps
  • Bonus: Temporary Home Page

One Time Design Fee


16 Setup Steps and

  • 2 pages
    (1 home page with call to action and 1 TPT product blog post)
  • 1 thirty-minute revision coaching session

One Time Design Fee


16 Setup Steps and

  • 8 pages
  • 2 Thirty-Minute Revision coaching sessions

One Time Design Fee


16 Setup Steps and

  • 16 Pages
  • 4 Thirty-Minute Revision Coaching Sessions